Gorgeous makeup doesn’t need to mean heavy makeup...!

It’s often a common misconception that bridal makeup needs to be heavy to look good and last for the whole of the wedding day & it’s a myth I love disproving when my clients have their bridal trial. 

My clients always comment on how lightweight the makeup feels and rather than looking at their face and seeing makeup, they can see their skin looking healthy, beautiful & glowing. 

Bridal makeup really can be soft, natural & light yet still durable & gorgeous! 

My gorgeous bride Sophie (the super-babe in the pictures!) is a perfect example of this. 

Gorgeously natural makeup can actually be more time consuming and challenging for a makeup artist to apply so it’s not just a case of using less product overall, but more of using the right product for each client. Covering any blemishes or areas that need extra coverage,whilst still being able to see the clients skin underneath & creating a healthy glow. 

It’s a careful balancing act, but the result is super pretty, healthy looking skin...which let’s face it is the best accessory any bride could wish for! 

Sophie had never worn makeup before her bridal trial and was somewhat nervous about it feeling heavy on her skin. She was very pleasantly surprised by the results, which left her looking and feeling glamorous, yet still natural enough to feel like herself. I hope you’ll agree she made a stunner of a bride!  

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