The Perfect Mistletoe Pout!

With party season now in full swing I thought I'd test 5 of the cosmetic market's leading longwear lip colours to see which ones left me feeling mistletoe ready or like a festive flop! So many brands now promise us 8 hours or more of lipstick wear that it can seem like a hard choice to know which brand to choose. I put each lipstick through it's paces by wearing it for 8 hours, without any retouching or reapplying. I munched away on mince pies & enjoyed a fair few tipples (all in the line of duty of course!) and made sure I took full advantage of my other half who bravely volunteered himself for the all important no-lipstick-on-the-collar kiss tests (Tom Hardy wasn't available unfortunately). I scored each lipstick in 3 categories; out of 5 for the ease of application and feel, out of 5 for it's staying power and a last mark out of 5 for how easy they were to remove. I've listed them below from my lowest score out of the 15 marks to my highest...I wonder which one you'll love & be doing your own mistletoe-tests with this Christmas? Amanda xx 5. Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade Sugar Plum. The Promise: Rimmel promise "8 hours wear" & "comfortable wear all day long" The Review: The lipstick was lovely & very easy to apply, as a traditional lipstick shape I think most people would find this great to use. It had great pigmentation, a lovely silky feeling and didn't dry out like most longwear lipsticks. However (!) that's where I'm afraid my positivity towards this lipstick stops. It was very easily transferred during eating, drinking & kiss tests to the point that I was left with it smudged all around my mouth and virtually none on my lips (my Tom Hardy stand-in was NOT impressed!). The lipstick that strayed around my mouth was incredibly hard to remove, so all in all I'm afraid this wasn't a lipstick I'd recommend. The Score: 5/5 for easy application, 0/5 for durability and 0/5 for ease of removal giving a total score of 5/15.

4. Loreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Lipcolour in shade Timeless Rose. The Promise: Loreal promises "24 hrs touch proof colour" and an "all day look that won't fade" The Review: I found the lipstick quite sticky in texture and it took a while to dry, however the applicator brush was very easy to use and thin enough to create a nice neat edge. It comes with a conditioning balm which did make the texture much more bearable once it had all dried, however I kept having to re-apply the balm as it dried out quickly. The colour didn't last beyond 2.5 hours and began to crumble, leaving me with very messy looking lips and that awful sticky, clumpy feeling. It was very easy to remove once I got the 6 hour mark, but in all honesty left to my own devices I don't think I could put up with the sticky texture for that long again. The Score: 3/5 for easy application, 2/5 for durability and 4/5 for ease of removal giving a total score of 9/15.

3. Max Factor Lipfinity in Just In Love (335) The Promise: Max Factor promise that Lipfinity will deliver "24 hour daring colour"

The Review: I found Lipfinity very easy to apply, it was slightly sticky, but as soon as the colour dried it felt perfectly smooth and I forgot it was there. My lips did feel a little dry with it on, but the conditioning balm provided helped to re-moisturise and didn't seem to affect the colour. The lipstick aced my mince pie munching and didn't leave even a hint of colour on my poor, by now over-kissed other half. The colour did fade a tiny bit and the inner edge of my mouth came away, however the lipstick that was left was still in perfect condition! It was however a serious battle to get this product off - even with professional grade makeup remover I had to scrub my lips and had a degree of colour staining for 24 hours afterwards.

The Score: 4/5 for easy application, 4/5 for durability and 2/5 for ease of removal giving a total score of 10/15.

2. Maybelline Superstar 24 Hour Colour in In The Nude (620) The Promise: "24 hour colour" that "won't cake, dry or flake" The Review: This was SO nice to apply. It went on feeling almost like a gloss, really lightweight, not at all sticky and it dried very quickly. I was able to build up the layers nicely to achieve a good level of colour (perhaps less necessary with a non-nude shade) and it felt really smooth. The colour lasted really well without transferring, smudging or flaking (just as they promised!). It did lose it's glossy sheen & the inner edge of my mouth faded a little, but otherwise it looked like it had not long been applied. It felt comfortable the entire time without once making my lips feel dry. It was incredibly easy to remove, but to be honest once the time was up I'd have happily left it on (with a little touchup!) The Score: 4/5 for easy application, 4/5 for durability and 5/5 for ease of removal giving a total score of 13/15.

1. Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick in Pinky Promise

The Promise: "A richly pigmented, full coverage lipstick" (Interestingly this is the only one of the brands not to make any claim about the longevity of the lip colour!)

The Review: The product itself is really creamy and easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and gives instant coverage. My only complaint with application is that the applicator brush itself is quite clumsy and large, making it more difficult to achieve a perfect edge, however you could use a separate lip brush if you wanted to be more precise. The lip colour survived all my festive tests without once transferring, smudging, flaking or feeling uncomfortable. My lips didn't feel dry at all and I actually think they felt softer and smoother with it on! It was very easy to remove with makeup remover and didn't leave a heavy stain behind. An absolute winner all round, this was by far my favourite of the lip colours I tested. I am gutted to find out that UK stockists Beauty Bay have since stopped selling it, however there are a few UK stockists still and I hear it will be back in the UK very soon!

The Score: 4/5 for easy application, 5/5 for durability and 5/5 for ease of removal giving a total score of 14/15.

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